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Make Your Bed Sheet Smell Great

heavenly_bed-255x171Did you know that a bed sheet that smells lovely will help send you into blissful sleep faster than sheets that are not quite so pleasing to the nose? For this reason alone, you should make sure that you are giving your sheets that smell that you love.

Lovely scents aren’t just for improving sleep, though. Get your sheet smelling great and you’ll improve the atmosphere of your bedroom, as the smell lingers lovingly in the air.

There are several ways in which to add fragrance that lasts to your bed sheets. It is a good idea to try out several of the ways until you find which work for you.

Sheet Fresheners

There are a number of sheet fresheners available for purchase. A few sprays and your bed sheet is instantly turned into a blissful place for you to enjoy all night through. These scented sprays are available in assorted fragrances that men, women and couples will enjoy, from fruit smells like apple and strawberry and pomegranate, as well as cheesecake, chocolate cake even a ‘clean linen’ fragrance!

Launder Regularly

It is important to ensure that the bed sheet is washed on a regular basis. Our bodies sweat when we sleep and this means regular washing is needed to remove these body odours.  Your sheets will be snuggly soft and clean coming out of the dryer. Be sure to add a couple of fabric sheets to keep them smelling their best.

Fabric Refreshers

When you need a quick burst of freshness and cleanliness, use a fabric refresher for an instant lift-me-up. These affordably-priced fabric refreshers can be used multiple times and offer lasting scent in a hurry. Multiple scents are available and they’re all certainly worth the couple of pounds that will be spent on them.


For a romantic evening or even one that will be spent all alone, adding a splash of perfume on the bed sheet may be enough to set the romantic atmosphere in full swing. Choose a light perfume so the scent is not overwhelming. Also remember that the perfume may get on your skin so do not lay down on the sheets immediate after you spray the perfume.

Bedroom Sachets

Special scented sachets are designed to be used inside of bedroom drawers but as users have discovered there are tons of other possibilities with these sachets. You can place them between the mattress and the box springs for a delightful smell inside of the bedroom. For those who have allergies or sensitive skin this is one good way to get the sheets smelling great without hurting your skin or causing any other issues.

Fresh and Clean

As you can see there are many ways in which you can keep your sheets smelling great. Make sure that you try out these methods and use your creativity to come up with other solutions. You will love the way that your bed sheet smells using these methods and may even want to use several of them on a regular basis! That’s okay because there are few things in this world as pleasing as great-smelling bed sheets.

As a proud homeowner, Louisa Jenkins knows how to get bedding smelling great. When she needs a new bed sheet, she goes to Dunelm – but they’re available from lots of other UK retailers too.