Nature Inspired Décor

bb3NgjeHNature lovers have plenty of options for displaying their love of the outdoors in their home décor. Whether you go bold with plant arrangements, unobtrusive with natural colors, or abstract with plant inspired objects, there’s a method for incorporating the natural world throughout every room of the home. Here are some ways to bring the outdoors inside.

Subtle.  If you really enjoy the colors of nature, but don’t want to inundate your home with flora and fauna, try using colors to create a nature inspired atmosphere. Solid wood furniture always adds the warmth of woodlands to a home. Add a greater sense of being within a forest by painting walls a light mossy green color and coordinate with a jute rug or other nature fibers to represent various shades of trees. If you need to see some blue sky peering through your forest focused home, add blue vases or lamp shades for a cool toned touch.  For a rustic look, use reclaimed wood for coffee and end tables.  The benefit of using soft natural colors found in nature allows your décor to be simple and streamlined as well as pleasing to the eye.

Literal.  If you prefer seeing nature objects in your home, a more literal approach can liven up your décor. House plants are the most obvious choice, but there are other items you can use to create focal points and add color to your nature themed home. Driftwood placed on a mantle or branches, which can be decorated during the holidays, create wonderful centerpieces according to Ottawa interior decorator Catherine Pulcine.  Small details such as sea shells, framed pressed flowers or plants, and bookends made of polished stone function as small points of interest and color in a room.

Figurative.  For those who love the look of natural items, but would rather not deal with house plants or want to avoid cluttering shelves with items found at the local park, representations of nature bring an artistic approach to channeling nature indoors.  Artistic studies of plants in photographs and paintings not only bring the wonder of nature indoors but also make excellent conversation pieces. Throw blankets with cheetah or zebra patterns add a safari look to any sofa or settee. Chandeliers representative of flowering plants bloom with radiance when lit up while casting plant-like shadows in a room.  Wallpaper depicting slender birch trees draw attention due to the near perfect straight lines while porcelain vases made to look like water lilies and other flowers provide the perfect pops of color.

Nature themed décor never goes out of style and easily mixes with other styles in a home.  Show your love of nature through subtle colors, literal keepsakes, and figurative items cleverly used throughout your home.