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Office Decorating

file7111240478770Your office is basically your home away from home. Sometimes, you spend more hours there than you do at your own house, so it is best if your office environment is inviting and enriching. In honor of Work Habitat Awareness month, here are a few ways to enhance your office space so that it is truly a place you enjoy going to.

Start with a paint job. One of the easiest ways to make over any space is with a fresh coat of paint. To help de-stress, choose cool, calm colors for your walls. Most colors in the blue family will achieve this effect, as well as muted greens or neutrals. Energize the space with fun accessories that aren’t too distracting, like a brightly colored vase and some seasonal flowers.

Let the sun shine in. If you are lucky enough to have natural lighting in your office, take full advantage of it! Forget about fluorescent overhead lighting or desk lamps – let the sun is do all the work during your hours in the office. Windows can make an area seem larger than it appears, making your office feel less cramped. Incorporate your own unique style by changing up the window’s trim or having an even larger window installed (if your office allows it). If windows are not an option, placing a mirror on your desk or the wall can provide the same, space-enlarging effect.

Clear out the mess. Cluttered spaces are never good for positive energy. If the top of your desk is full of paperwork, supplies and other tchotchkes, organizing it should be at the top of your priority list. Start utilizing those file cabinets and desk drawers and invest in new, fun and colorful file separators or binders and you are already one step closer to organization. Clearing your desk of clutter will help you to be more productive during your time in the office!

Go with the flow. Some furniture rearrangement could also be helpful to improve productivity in the office. According to feng shui practices, you should place your desk in the center of the room, or directly opposite of the door, facing it, to optimize the most positive vibes. This is considered a commanding position and helps you see opportunities as they come to you. Create a space that provides a flow that works for you and your needs. Also make sure your office is balanced. Let there be a mix of warm and cool colors, soft and hard surfaces, and smooth and rough textures throughout your work space.

If your office needs a touch up, the experts at Remodeling Concepts are pleased to help. They offer a wide range of commercial services and will be there to assist you from beginning to start. Let Work Habitat Awareness month be your inspiration to get the ball rolling on an office rehab!