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Paint Windows & Doors Like A Pro

Doors AfterPainting windows and doors around your home can be a tricky task. It is important to have the right tools, as well as a game plan set in place in order to complete the projects properly and in a timely manner. Read on to discover the best way to paint windows and doors in your home.

Sand Woodwork: After properly wiping down the wood with any kind of household cleaner, it is time to sand. Be sure to sand off excess paint so that the new coat of paint can easily adhere to the wood. Sanding will also remove any off level wood or raised grain, as well as flatten down any sharp edges plaguing the wood. During this phase of the process you will also want to spackle any large holes embedded in the wood. When the sanding is complete, be sure to remove any dust using a hand vacuum or brush.

Prime: To ensure an even level of paint adhesion, prime your newly sanded woodwork. When painting wood doors and trim, you will want to use an oil-based or acrylic primer. Once the primer has been applied, allow it to dry overnight. Once dry, go back and clean up any more debris or dust with a hand vacuum.

Caulk Joints: Before applying the paint itself, be sure to fill in any gaps between the newly primed woodwork and walls. Point and angle the caulk gun so that the tip fits snugly into the gap between the woodwork and the wall. Be sure not to apply too much caulk, as it will obstruct the natural look of your newly painted door or window trim. To ensure this, use a leveling or utility knife to carefully shave off any excess caulk.

Apply Paint: You will want to pick a paint that is durable and easy to clean, like a semi-gloss paint. For doors, you’ll want to paint from the outside, in. Paint the trim, rails, molding and outer panels first, then the inner panels of the door. When it comes to windows and window trim, start by coating the main outer trim, then continue on with any rails or styling. Keep windows open during drying to speed up the process.

Follow these painting tips to ensure a flawless finish on your homes doors and windows. For more painting tips, contact the professionals at CertaPro Painters of Quakertown.