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Six Reasons Spring is the Best Season to Paint

file721347376166If Goldilocks had to pick a season to paint during, spring would be just right. There are many factors that come into play when deciding on when the best time to paint is and the spring meets most of those requirements. Spring is also a time for freshening up and change, so why not start with your home’s paint job? Here are six reasons spring is the best season to paint.

  1. The temperate normally falls into the ideal range for painting.
    It needs to be a comfortable temperature outside in order to effectively paint both the interior and exterior of your home. Depending on what type of paint you are using, a general temperature range of 50-75 degrees Fahrenheit  is recommended. In colder weather, paint gets thicker and harder to use. In extreme heat, paint may be difficult to apply and can dry too quickly.
  2. Humidity levels usually haven’t skyrocketed yet.
    When the humidity gets too high, the evaporation of water from paint gets suppressed. Condensation can form and lead to streaks and fading. High levels of humidity also cause adhesion problems, so try to stick to painting when the humidity levels are between 40-70%.
  3. On most days, there’s a light breeze.
    Ideally, you want the surface you’re painting to be clean and smooth. If it is too windy, debris can blow onto the surface and get stuck there before and during painting. Too much wind could also cause the paint to dry too fast. Most often, there is a gentle breeze during spring days that is perfect for painting.
  4. V. rays aren’t at their highest yet.
    You never want to paint an exterior surface in direct sunlight. Figure out where the sun will be pointing when you start the job and work opposite of that. Continue to move opposite of the sun as the day goes on so you don’t risk degrading the binder and pigment of the paint.
  5. April showers bring paint problems.
    Avoiding painting when it’s raining is a no-brainer. Rain fall can ruin a fresh coat of paint. If the sky is cloudy or overcast, that’s fine.  However, you shouldn’t even start the job if there’s a prediction of rain.
  6. You can properly ventilate your home.
    If you want to start an interior painting project, the spring weather makes it so you can open your windows and doors throughout the process. There needs to be good air circulation to help the paint cure correctly and so that you and your family aren’t breathing in any fumes.

Spring has sprung, which means it’s time to break out the paint cans and make the most of this season’s ideal weather conditions. CertaPro Painters of Metro West will gladly handle any and all of your interior and exterior painting needs.