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Soothing Bedroom Colors

365 - 10 - Painting the town... blue?Believe or not, your bedroom’s paint color can do a lot more than compliment your furniture. From calming you down, to opening up a space, to getting a better night’s sleep, soothing colors in the bedroom can really change your life. Discover some colors that will create a serene bedroom environment.

Blue Hues: Light shades of blue can center the mind and lead to a sense of relaxation. Envelop your bedroom in a blue that has tinges of gray in it to evoke the feeling of lying on the beach. Try painting your walls the color of the sky. This shade of light blue will give you the sense of floating on a cloud and create a subtly soothing bedroom environment.

Creamy Pinks: The softness of cream-colored walls in a bedroom can lessen the tension from a difficult day. Painting your walls with a cream-based color will give the room a clean and refreshed look, allowing you to experience ultimate relaxation at the start or end of your day. The plus side of painting your bedroom walls cream is that you can easily coordinate with a variety of bedspreads.

Soothing Neutrals: Neutral colors, especially beige, create a neutral and calming backdrop to base the rest of your bedroom décor around. Using white, cream, beige, or bone on a bedroom’s walls can also make the space look and feel larger than it actually is.

Lovely Lavenders: Another highly recommended color for bedrooms is lavender. Similar to neutral colors, light shades of purple can make a space feel more open. It is important to stick to the lighter shades of purple when going for a calming atmosphere, as the deeper shades can make a room feel heavy and create a feeling of gloom.

Mellow Yellow: It is a general rule that colors with yellow undertones can have a calming effect. It makes sense that is the use of light yellow has become a growing trend in the world of home décor. If you are not comfortable with covering your walls with yellow, opt for a neutral colored wall and incorporate yellow hues into your bedroom décor.

Minty Green: As with purple, it is recommended that you use lighter shades of green in the bedroom. Mint green is often a favorite, and looks great paired with cream, silver, or lilac colored bedroom accessories. Using cool green shades throughout your bedroom is certain to create a delicate and relaxing environment.

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