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Spice Up The Walls Of Your Home With Vinyl

Pandas and Bamboo Forest Vinyl Wall Decal for Nursery, Kids, Childrens Room by @InAnInstantArt liked by wickerparadise, visit our wicker furniture selection.The first thing that most people notice when they walk into someone’s home is the wall decor. You might not believe it, but people look to wall decor as a reflection of the owner’s interests. Are there pictures? What color did they choose? How does the style reflect their personality? Empty walls make people uneasy for a couple of reasons. First, blank walls indicate that the owners just don’t have any style or interests. Second, unadorned walls signify laziness and lack of personality. But the home decor goes beyond framed pictures and shelves packed with knickknacks. The right decor can set the mood and invite people to appreciate your style. One of the latest trends in home decor is customized vinyl wall decor, and here’s how to incorporate it into your home design.

Personalized Projects

If you’re unfamiliar with vinyl decor, then you should know that the latest evolution of decals goes beyond mere stickers. Thanks to current technology, vinyl can be cut and formed to your exact specifications, and the result often looks virtually seamless regardless of where you place it in your home. Vinyl wall art and decals offer the perfect solution to dressing up bare walls in a totally customizable way, which makes them particularly appealing to modern homes. Industrial style can be complemented nicely with tailored vinyl, and traditional homes can also benefit from some added personality. Whether bought from an online retailer, local crafts store or created at home using design software, vinyl creations can really add personality and style to your home.

Choosing the Perfect Vinyl

As mentioned above, both contemporary and traditional homes can benefit from the customizing vinyl decor. In order to make the most of your vinyl decal, you’ll need to consider certain factors before deciding on a design. Here are some tips for choosing the right vinyl:

Color matters when it comes to vinyl. Your dark living room walls will absorb color easily, so choose deeper colors for your vinyl.

Modern, contemporary homes with angular architecture and open spaces will benefit from bold vinyl designs that stand out.

Traditional homes with smaller spaces and a classic design will work better with vintage vinyl designs that incorporate the home’s natural beauty.

In addition to considering the existing design elements in your home, you should also make note of the furniture and overall layout. Vinyl can be customized to suit your individual aesthetic, and you’ll want to make sure the final look is cohesive and reflects your personal style.

Creating Your Vinyl

You’ve taken note of your existing style, prepared the mental imagery of your vinyl and are ready to get started. How do you get the perfect design for your space? While you can buy pre-made vinyl creations at major craft stores, creating your own vinyl decor or ordering a customized decal online offer better options. You can find design software and image editing programs that can be used to create your customized vinyl creation right from home. Then just print it out using the right software and equipment and apply it to your walls directly using instructions found online. If you’re worried about the specifics of creating a vinyl decal from scratch, then you can also utilize kits that include everything you need to make your vinyl decor. As you become familiar with the technology and the process, you can begin to explore the hardware and software used to create customized vinyl creations right from home.

Alissa Young is a interior designer and a writer. In this article she is helping us decorate the walls with a bit of imagination.