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Spring Garage Organization

clean garageSpring has sprung! Many homeowners have begun the tradition of spring cleaning, and have trouble tackling the largest storage area in the home – the garage. Read on for tips on the best ways to clean and organize your garage space this spring.

Be prepared. Going through the contents of your garage and cleaning out the dust, dirt, and grime can be a daunting task, so make sure you carve out enough time to start and complete the project. It is also a good idea to have help on hand, so ask your family members or friends to participate in the garage organizing process.

Leave no stone unturned. When you are cleaning out your garage, make sure to first remove all of the contents and examine what you have. Donate items you no longer use to charity, like excess lawn furniture. Give an old lawn mower to friend or family that may have a need for it if you plan to purchase a new one. Dispose of broken or outdated items that no longer serve a purpose to make room for other objects.

Polish up. Once everything has been removed from your garage, examine your garage for structural damage. Patch any major holes or cracks in the walls, and add a fresh coat of paint to give your garage a polished look. Have your garage flooring resealed to give your floor durable protection that is slip-resistant. For more information on garage floor sealing, reach out to the professionals at CertaPro Painters of South Charlotte.

Categorize your stuff. Maintaining cleanliness and order in your garage will make your life easier in the long run. Try to store items that you use frequently together. For example, items like lawn mowers, rakes, and lawn chemicals should be stored in one area, preferably close to the door of the garage for easy access. Store those items you use most often in easily accessible areas, and keep bulky items out of pathways. Seasonal items, like holiday decorations, can be stored in more hard-to-reach places, as they are used the least often.

Clear the floor. Try to store as many things as possible on shelving units or hooks on the wall to free up floor space in your garage. This will make it easier to sweep the floors and keep them clean. If you need to keep shelving units on the floor, ensure that they are raised to make cleaning underneath them easier.

Use these tips as guidelines when organizing your garage space this spring.