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The Importance Of Replacing Broken Roof Tiles

The roof on any property does two vital things: it holds in the exterior walls, preventing them from bowing out and your property crashing to the floor and it keep you dry. You would think with two vital functions as this that we would take more care of our roof but unfortunately, we tend to ignore it.

Keeping your roof in a good state of repair will pay dividends. Most people think that as soon as a roof shows signs of wear and tear, that it must be replaced with a new one. This, in some case, may be true but in the majority of properties, there is still life in the roof yet – but we need to maintain it.

Look up – at least every six months

Many roofing experts suggest that we look at and examine our roofs for any changes at least every six months. Likewise, a piece of wound advice is to examine the roof for any damage after severe weather – whether that is a foot of snow with underlying ice in winter or glaring, baking sunshine in summer. As soon as you spot a potential problem, you need to get it resolved. The old adage is true when it comes to roofs – a damaged roof will get worse over time.

A cracked tile… or two

A common maintenance issue is a cracked tile. This can be cause by any number of factors from inclement weather over a prolonged period or a branch of an overhanging tree, knocking and cracking it. Cracked roof tiles need replacing as they will slowly start to let in damp; leave it completely unattended and, over time, rainwater will drip in. This causes unnecessary internal damage and what was a simple, inexpensive repair has now turned into a far most costly one.

Do it yourself?

Unless you are a) competent at working at heights and b) know what you are doing with all the right kit, it is probably best to leave it to a professional roofer. In all honesty, they see this as a fairly routine job and you’ll be surprised at how competitively priced roofing maintenance firms can be. A reputable company will also check the rest of your roof and advise of any other issues that may be apparent.

Removing and replacing one tile seems a simple job on paper but, do it incorrectly and you can damage adjacent tiles. This of course, means more expense and if left, can cause more damage within the internal roofing space.

Why bother?

Apart from the obvious of keeping you dry, maintaining your roof will see you in a better position if you decide to sell in the near future, replacing a roof is an expensive and large undertaking; it is one that will put off some potential buyers. If your roof looks old and dilapidated, then it will affect the value accordingly.

Your roof should last 50 years; keep it in excellent condition and it will last for far longer.

Matt Glover, our guest author, is a speciaist in this field and has vast experience in dealing with new and old roofs. For futher information feel free to visit www.roofcoatingspecialists.co.uk.