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Updating Your Front Door

file4951347375988The first thing an outsider will notice about your home is usually the front door. Your entryway can set the tone for your whole house and also happens to be one of the easiest parts of your home to renovate. Below, you can find some simple ways to revamp and refresh your front door this spring.

Paint it. Sometimes, all that is needed to spruce up your front door is a fresh coat of paint. A bold color can amp up your curb appeal instantly and really draw in passersby and houseguests alike. You can finish this project all in a day’s work and with one can of paint. A color expert from CertaPro Painters of Elmhurst can help you find a color that pairs perfectly with your home’s exterior. If you just can’t seem to commit to a new bold color, you can touch up whatever color you have now to simply refresh the look of the door.

Change the hardware. The right hardware can add a new level of character to your entryway. Get rid of your current handles, knobs and knockers and replace them with something more modern. This kind of upgrade is so simple – the hardest part will probably be choosing your favorite design!

Add your house numbers. What does your current address plate look like? Are you missing one completely? Add metal numbers or a fun stencil or sticker of your house numbers to your front door to change up the look. An added bonus, it will also help visitors find your home easier.

Create ambience. Hang a new light fixture above the door or place a new lamp next to it to create an inviting entryway. Soft lighting in your entrance will create a welcoming atmosphere for approaching guests and add some charm to your home’s front exterior.

Use trim. If your doorway doesn’t already have a trim around it, add one to create an entirely new look for your entryway. You can use a neutral trim to create a classic look or if you are looking for something more modern, add a trim that contrasts with the color of your door to really make your entryway stand out.

Feeling inspired? It is time to give your front door the facelift it needs. No matter what size your door project is, Glendale Heights Painters have the expertise to give your entryway a total makeover.