Using Green In Home Decor

file681253221449Not only was emerald Pantone’s 2013 color of the year, but green has also by showing up on the runway for several seasons and is now popping up in more and more accessories as an accent color for interior decor. Check out these tips for using green properly in your home!

Goes Well with Other Colors Since many different shades of green are naturally found in nature, green goes well with multiple colors, and makes a nice substitute for gray or brown. Green compliments white, brown and gold, and can be used as furniture and accessory colors, not just wall colors. For instance, instead of placing a white vase in a gold room, try incorporating an emerald plate or bowl into the decor. Additionally, green can be matched with itself – consider using different shades of green in the same room, especially when it comes to accessorizing.

Accessorize with Green If you feel that a room is looking and feeling drab, consider adding something green to it to liven it up! Having green accessories in a room is a great way to instantly bring life and personality to a room. Since green is an attention grabbing color, visitors will naturally be drawn to the green item. Again, since greens go well with each other and many other colors, don’t be afraid to put more than one green item in one room.

Conveys an Emotion One of green’s most unique qualities is its ability to evoke many different feelings. Consider using a rich green to give a room personality, placing a bright green in a bathtub to make the tub cheery and lively, or using a vibrant green in an office to give it a modern vibe. Experts say that a neutral green (a shade that’s between yellow and blue) creates a feeling of peace and tranquility, while a lighter shade of green (lighter meaning it has a lot of blue in it) creates a refreshing feeling. One idea to effectively use green is to paint bedroom walls light green and living room walls a neutral green.

Use as an Accent Color Green is great color to use to make a bold impact! If you’re looking to make a subtle, yet dramatic statement, paint a ceiling green and leave all the walls and trim white. Similarly, consider painting just the back wall of a room a rich green and leaving the other walls white.

If you’re interested in learning about more ways to use green in your home, contact the professionals at CertaPro Painters of Mesa/Tempe!