Using Marsala In Your Home

file0001493623795Pantone’s Marsala, the Color of the Year for 2015 is a versatile color that will add an elegant touch to any aspect of your home’s design. The color is a rich, warm, red- wine color that can really liven up a variety of spaces in a home. We’ve put together a guide on the best ways to use Marsala in your home, based upon the overall look you want to achieve.

  • A modern look. The modern style is a look best fit for bedrooms and living rooms. To make your space seem more modern, use Marsala on an accent wall or decorate with a Marsala-colored piece of furniture. Keep the remainder of the decor neutral, in shades of light brown or beige, to give the space a warm, comforting vibe.
  • A rustic look. If your space has stone or a brick accent wall, Marsala can help to elevate the rustic feel. Ellensburg painters recommend using the color to create a cozy living room, especially when combined with a brick fireplace. Using Marsala accent pieces is also perfect to create a rustic look – try using warm red accent pillows or even go for deep red seating.
  • A bold bathroom. Your bathroom or powder room don’t have a lot of wall space, making them the perfect place to go bold! Paint each wall with this deep red to make a great statement without being too overpowering. For a European feel, add a wooden vanity with a copper faucet, and other design elements like framed photos of European landmarks.
  • A timeless dining room. Different shades of red are thought to stimulate appetite, making Marsala the perfect color for your dining room. A dining room is a large space, so use this rich color sparingly. Springfield, MO interior decorator Nola Shivers recommends painting a few walls with the warm red and other walls with a lighter, more neutral shade. This will keep a light and airy feeling in the room and prevent it from feeling stuffy which is not beneficial, especially for a room where people will be eating.
  • A rustic exterior. Marsala should not be limited to the inside of your home, as it also has the potential to make the exterior stand out! You can choose to use the color sparingly, by just painting the front door, which pairs beautifully with a gray exterior, or you can go bolder by painting the entire exterior of your home with Marsala and accenting it with cream colored shutters.

With this guide, you can use the Color of the Year in your home to create a space that is unique to your style. No matter how you utilize the Color of the Year, it’s sure to look fabulous!