Using Simply White In Your Home

Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year for 2016 is Simply White, a timeless and versatile shade that beautifully complements a wide range of color schemes. While white is often overlooked when it comes to interior design, it is an essential color that can be used throughout your home. Uncover some of the ways you can use Benjamin Moore’s Simply White as a multipurpose color in your home’s interior.

  • Wall Color. Simply White is an exceptionally polarizing hue that is an ideal wall color, particularly if you plan on accessorizing a space with vibrant throw rugs and artwork. Using this warm, white hue on your living room walls can create a crisp and bare palette that will never appear dull. This shade allows you to choose from neutral furnishings or play pops of color throughout the room’s accessories.
  • In addition to transforming your entire space with bare Simply White walls, you can also use it as trim to create a clean contrast in rooms with rich, existing hues. Use Simply White in your kitchen or bathroom as a surrounding border or on shelving units. The warm glow of this shade of white will create a striking contrast and make the room’s accents pop.
  • Accent Wall. If you are looking to design a dining room that exudes elegance but don’t want to commit to stark white walls, you can use Simply White as an accent wall against warm and rich earth tone shades. The deeper hue will stand out and look beautifully distinguished with energetic Simply White on either sides of it.

White is an extremely multitalented color that often goes unnoticed. Even the smallest amount of it can make a large impact on a space. Benjamin Moore’s Simply White is the perfect neutral hue for designing wide open spaces. It’s also ideal for adding vibrant pops of contrast throughout your home. For more advice on using white in your home decor, reach out to the professionals at Nothern Rhode Island painters.

About Simply White:  While the color is called “Simply White,” it’s important to note the undertones of color. Certain whites have cooler hues with undertones of gray, blue, and purple. Simply White has a warmer undertone, with hints of yellow and green coming through in certain lights. Note that the color is not a true shade of white, but more of a warm, off-white shade.